Travis Banta - Managing Partner

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Travis is a registered patent attorney focusing on strategic patent prosecution based on his time as being a Patent Examiner at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Travis represents businesses and universities drafting and prosecuting patent applications in the mechanical and electrical fields. As an Electrical Engineer, Travis enjoys working on patent applications related to optical and wireless communications, circuits, software algorithms, sensors, and other electrical technology. As an outdoorsman, Travis also enjoys working on patent applications related to fishing, hunting, camping, and sports. Travis’ approach to strategic patent prosecution has resulted in hundreds of allowed patents over the years, even in other cases where his clients have been advised to give up.

Travis is currently serving as the manager of Loyal Intellectual Property Law, PLLC. Travis previously worked for two other small firms in Salt Lake City area and spent several years working as a Patent Agent for Finnegan Henderson in the Washington D.C. Office. At the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Travis examined U.S. and international patent applications for electrical, electro-mechanical, and computer systems and methods. Travis also worked in industry, developing and testing control circuits for automated lighting.

Travis holds a law degree from the Georgetown University Law Center. Travis also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chinese, and a minor in Mathematics from Brigham Young University.

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