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Trademarks are key identifiers to the public for the source and quality of your goods and services.  In other words, your trademarks tell potential customers what to expect when they buy your goods or services.  Trademarks can be almost anything, a word, a logo, a symbol, a slogan, a number, and even include colors.  When your customers see your trademarks, they know they found the right place to get what you sell.

TM VS. ®

The use of the symbol TM is an indicator to the public that you are asserting ownership of a particular trademark as associated with your goods or services.  It is essentially a message to those who would try to encroach on your property to say that you will fight to protect what is yours.  When you have a registered trademark, the TM becomes a circle R ® and tells potential encroachers that the United States Government agrees that your trademark belongs to you.  Anytime you use your trademark, it should have a TM after it until your mark is registered.

The United States Government rewards the first users of a trademark and the first registrants of a trademark with trademark protection.  Applying for a trademark that you are likely to get should be early on the list for any entrepreneur or new business owner.  It’s also never too late.  If you been using the trademark but have not registered it, there is no time like the present to protect yourself from encroachers.

Trademarks may be your best asset for your business.  Having your trademark portfolio well organized and cohesively arranged is very attractive to investors and potential acquisition partners.

When you register your trademark, you:

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    save your business from unnecessarily rebranding by filing early

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    help your customers find your business in the market

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    alleviate confusion in the market for your customers

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    prevent encroachers from confusing your customers into buying from them

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    obtain nationwide protection and recognition for your mark

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    establish ownership of the mark and your exclusive right to use the mark with your goods and services

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    receive benefits of presumptions if you end up in court

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    have the right to apply for trademarks internationally

Registering your trademark when you at the branding stage is critical to long term success.  The owner of a trademark is the first party to use the trademark.  Once you have decided on a brand name or logo, it is time to get a trademark if it is available.  We can help you identify which of the brand names or logos you like are the best and most likely to receive trademark registration so you can be assured from the start that you have the best possible likelihood of protecting your expensive branding work.

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