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Patents are essential to protecting the core value of your business.  Anywhere from thousands to millions of dollars are poured into ideas to bring them to the market and a patent is the best way to ensure your research and development has the protection to enable a return on your investment.  We seek to understand not only the underlying technology of your invention but where the true invention lies – the one essential thing the idea needs to provide the benefit of the invention.  With that one essential thing identified, we give advice for how to best protect that idea and how it can become its own patent portfolio or how we can dovetail a patent in with an overarching patent strategy.

In other words, we take the time to know where we are going before we start, strategically, so we end up with meaningful patent protection for your patents.

We have experience in patenting a wide variety of technologies in the electrical, mechanical, and chemical areas. We have gotten patents on everything from semiconductors and circuits to hammock stands and alcohol free fragrances. If you have an idea, we have the background to understand it and apply our patent examiner centric approach to strategic prosecution of your patent application.

Types and Terms of Patents

Utility and plant patents have a term of 20 years from the earliest effective filing date.  Design patents have an effective term of 14 years.  We will be happy to teach you the differences between these patents and how to use them to build an effective fence around your intellectual property.

The Patent Application Process

Once you have an idea do not disclose it publicly, on the internet, or to anyone else until you have spoken to us.  We can get your patent application filed quickly so you can start soliciting investors, making, building, and selling your product, and marketing your product across the world.

Common Patent Pitfalls

Don’t wait for someone to steal your idea. Congress created a race to the Patent Office with your filing so it is critical to be first in line.

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