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We strategically protect intellectual property as a comprehensive portfolio to enhance your business position and protect your ideas.

Who we are?

Our team has a broad range of technical experience.  We are former patent examiners, engineers, scientists, chemists, electricians, bankers, contractors, and cowboys.  Many of us found out we were going to be Patent Attorneys when we were in law school. 

But our experiences inform our understanding of business and how we can build a fence around your intellectual property.  We define your intellectual property and then we work to enhance and improve that property strategically with creative solutions and old fashioned hard work.

For us, the word loyal is a standard that we strive to meet.  It means we don’t cut corners.  It means we tell the truth.  And it means we do our absolute best until our task is complete.

Our Services


Patent application preparation and prosecution. We get patents.


Trademark application preparation and prosecution. We protect your goodwill from confusion with others.


Copyright registration applications. We protect your artistic works from copyists.

Litigation Support

We work with a team of litigators to provide the best patent advice to the best litigators to protect you from infringement lawsuits and to protect you from infringers.


If you want to sell or license your patent for royalties, we’ll negotiate a deal and prepare a licensing contract.

Trade Secrets

We provide advice on not only on what to keep secret but also how to keep it secret.

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