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Loyal IP Law was established in 2021 by two friends who were tired of the way clients and lawyers are treated by the legal industry. Based on years of experience and friendship, we have created a new legal model where the clients and the lawyers are aligned in their goals and incentives. Our flat fee structure means that if we are wrong about how long a project will take, the client is not responsible for a bill that came in over budget. We believe, based on our experience, in ourselves and our ability to get the job done, well, the first time. Our clients know what our bill will be before a project is ever started in all but the most unusual circumstances. That gives predictability to our clients, sets our lawyers’ expectations, and we set out together to obtain the best results the law makes available.

Examiner centric prosecution

Whether we are working on a patent application or a trademark application, we respect the examiners at the United States Patent and Trademark Office and work with them to facilitate the best results four our clients. Examiners have jobs to do and we try to make their job as efficient as possible which saves our clients money and produces better results for the examiners.  Examiners are experts in their fields and we speak to them often to understand their positions on a patent or a trademark to address their concerns head on and resolve the issues in an application.

Client relations

Our clients are our main focus at Loyal I.P. Law. We work to support your dreams and your business in every way the law allows. If you have a question about your application or if something is on your mind, we want to address it without worrying about whether or not the timer is going. If we are your attorneys and you need help, we are here to provide it.

For us, the word loyal is a standard that we strive to meet with our clients. It means we don’t cut corners. It means we tell the truth and we “ride for the brand.” And it means we do our absolute best until our task is complete.

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Travis Banta

Managing Partner

Address: 2350 E. Arbor Lane, P.O. Box 17395, Holladay, Utah, 84117

David Cook


Address: 2350 E. Arbor Lane, P.O. Box 17395, Holladay, Utah, 84117

Brett Bunderson

Student Associate

Address: 2350 E. Arbor Lane, P.O. Box 17395, Holladay, Utah, 84117

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